Jumpstart for Beginner Furniture Redoers ! Step by Step.

Like any other obsession hobby, collecting and redoing vintage and used furniture requires consideration, planning and execution. Most of this involves your imagination. Imagine what furniture pieces you want to find and redo. Consider the end effect that you are making your destination!

Consider first, your preferred style.

Do you like?:


Tradition picture from: tidbitsandtwine.com
Tradition picture from: tidbitsandtwine.com


Shabby style picture from HGTV
Shabby style picture from HGTV


Country picture from nancysdailydish.blogspot.com
Country picture from nancysdailydish.blogspot.com
Modern picture from ciiwa.com
Modern picture from ciiwa.com

Mid Century?

Mid-century picture from indulgy.com
Mid-century picture from indulgy.com

Ok, so you have some ideas, now lets get started!

  1. Find a vintage or used piece suitable for a redo. (Thrift stores, garage Sales, estate sales, Craig’s List)  In the furniture revamping business we call it finding pieces with “good bones” .  Attractive lines and details as well as, quality crafted.
  2. Next, check the condition of the vintage piece. This means open drawers and pull them in and out. Do they slide easily? Look behind on the hidden back of the piece of furniture for damage or warping. Examine the legs, top and bottom. Is any veneer peeling? Look under neath the piece for good construction.
  3. Calculate if you really can repair the flaws in the piece like warped drawers, warped top and peeling veneer. If you are not handy don’t buy this piece. If you want a challenge and don’t have the know-how,  “YouTube” it!
  4. While examining the said piece of vintage America, come up with a quick game plan as to what you could do to this piece to give it new life. Is it a good candidate for your project? Consider the cost. Is this for private use or an investment that you wish to resell? If it is personally for you, decide what your top dollar to spend is and stick to it! If it is an investment, a good rule of thumb is to at least double your investment and preferably to retail it at a 2.5% increase, for furniture flips. Can you realistically do this without spending two weeks of repair time? Roughly calculate how many hours of work your piece may involve.
  5. Lastly pay for the piece and take it home for the next planning process. Visualize the completed piece and break down the steps to achieve this end result. Draw some pictures! Take some time and enjoy the planning process!…and remember…..untitled (1 of 1)-26

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